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2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump

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2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump

2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals. .2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump 」 . 2 Cause and Effect Vibration:Soft foot on a motor distorts the stator housing creating a nonuniform rotor to stator air gap resulting in vibration at two times line frequency.Figure 14 is an ODS structure drawing of a vertical pump. .Two Times Line Frequency Peak | AMP Maintenance Forums . Any good vibration diagnostic chart will list 2x line frequency. It is caused by Magnetostriction. 2xLF can be transmitted through motor-pump base or across shaft coupling as a lateral or torsional vibration.

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    times line frequency vibration on vertical pump

    times line frequency vibration on vertical pump. Structural vibration can be a problem with most machines particularly with vertical turbine pumps These pumps are commonly suspended from the discharge elbow with the motor mounted above making them difficult to stiffen and damp With low stiffness and damping natural vibration frequencies in the machine operating range are inevitable as well as .2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump . Starch Conveyor Wholesale, Conveyor Suppliers – 2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump. Stainless steel Vertical Elevator Spiral Vibration Conveyor For Corn Starch . US $1-2 / Set . Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co., Ltd. . Flour and starch production line screw conveyor with hopper .. .Vertical Pump Vibration – National Pump Company . VIBRATION ANALYSIS OF VERTICAL PUMPS 63 ever, vertical pumps, such as the cooling water pumps, are generally not equipped with vibration transducers. It is difficult and expensive to install underwater instrumentation to measure vibrations near the impeller. Generally, the vibrations are monitored near the top of the motor, because it has been

    Troubleshooter's Guide to Vibration (September 01, 2007

    This will be indicated by 2 X line frequency (7,200 cpm) with harmonics and will appear as a mechanical looseness condition if multiples of the 2 X line frequency appear in the spectrum. Loose stator coils in synchronous motors will generate fairly high vibration at coil pass frequency (cpf), which equals the number of coils X rpm (# coils X poles X # coils/pole). .Solve vertical pump motor vibration | Processing Magazine . Times Line Frequency Vibration On Vertical Pump. As a leading global manufacturer of crushing equipment, milling equipment,dressing equipment,drying equipment and briquette equipment etc. we offer advanced, rational solutions for any size-reduction requirements, including quarry, aggregate, grinding production and complete plant plan. .(PDF) CASE STUDY: VIBRATION ANALYSIS OF A VERTICAL PUMP OF . The measuring vibrations on point 1 realized on 15.03.2012 (Fig2a) and on 04.06.2012 (Fig.2b) shows FFT spectrum with several conclusions: rotational speed frequency of the pump shaft is 1450/60

    Vibration Certification Case Studies Vertical Pump Machinery

    Rush Equipment Analysis, Inc. Page 2 of 101 Introduction Vibration Certification of Vertical Pump Machinery Controlled with Variable Frequency Drives Executive Summary . The use of variable frequency drives, or variable frequency controllers, in the pumping industry has become very common place over the last five years. .2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump . 2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump 2 times line frequency in vibration reading Electric Later, in practical vibration analysis, an idea was introduced that the major source of motor vibration at twice line frequency is a static eccentric air gap [13][16]. .Vibration Trouble-shooting Field Guide – Reliabilityweb: A . LINE FREQUENCY: 60 Hertz (Hz) USA Power Turbine RPM (3600)/60=60. In Europe the power is 50 Hertz so the generators are larger and operate at 3000 RPM. LINE SYNC FREQ: 120 Hz (120 / # poles X 60 = RPM of a given machine) Look for especially in DC motors. In AC & DC this frequency phenomenon is generally found at upper harmonics of high frequency problems associated with electrical problems or the beginning of potential problems.

    Torsional Vibration Analysis for vertical pump – INERTANCE

    Electrically Generated Vibrations – The supply of AC power to a motor generates mechanical vibration. Since AC power is supplied as a sinusoid, each pole of the motor is energized twice – once with a "+" peak and once with a "-" peak – during each cycle. This means that the most common vibration frequency that is generated is NOT line frequency – it is 2x line frequency. .Evaluating and Correcting Subsynchronous Vibration in . second pump was installed in the exterior (East) slot with longer piping runs. The seismic vibration on this pump was recorded on the motor at over 0.65 IPS at approximately 1,750 CPM. The slightly less than half times peak frequency was also noted in the two pumps placed in the first pit at a much lower intensity.

    Special Vibration Considerations for Vertical Turbine Pumps

    The application of frequency detuning devices has been known to bring harmonious resonance to the ears of plant operators—in the form of low vibration and worry-free vertical pump operation. Pumps & Systems, May 2012. Carlos Moreno is principal engineer for Flowserve. He can be reached at [email protected] .Resolving High Vibration On a Vertical Pump . The unit is vertical high pressure (HP) reactor feed pump (High speed single stage, 230 kW, 12338 rpm & 3.444 gear ratio) driven by induction motor through a flexible shim pack coupling. High vibration levels were observed on the motor, pump and structure for more than 2 years with 1X dominant vibration (1X motor dominant frequency).

    Motor 2x Frequency | Automation & Control Engineering Forum

    POV=Pump Outboard Vertical .139 .204 In/Sec -.065 -32 POA=Pump Outboard Axial .130 .085 In/Sec .044 52 %. 2x & 2.02 ( Line frequency ) are both evident in spectrums . Presence of line frequency has been confirmed via coast down data . As soon as machine is shutdown this specific peak vanishes confirming its relation with electromagnetism. .Interpreting Vibration Spectrum and TWF Patterns . –Centrifugal pumps pull fluid into the pump –If the pump is pulling faster than the suction pipe can supply, a low pressure is formed at the eye of the pump (insufficient NPSH) –Bubbles form in the eye, before they enter the pump –These bubbles collapse on the leading edge of the blades (1/3-2/3 down the blade)

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      2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump in canada

      2 times line frequency vibration on vertical pump in canada Misalignment Misalignment Vibration at 1 x rpm of Rotor,But for about 90 percent of misaligned machines the major vibration symptom is at 1 x rpm Unfortunately 1 x rpm is also the vibration frequency of other common vibration sources such as from unbalance bent shaft eccentric armature eccentrically running gear and so on… .Solving Vertical Pump Synchronous and Sub-synchronous . Rotordynamic instability can result in a sub-synchronous vibration component between 40% and 49% of running speed. Cases of rotordynamic instability have been experienced in vertical turbine pumps, but it is rare. Hydraulic problems such as suction recirculation can also result in sub-synchronous vibration

      Vibration Diagnostic Guide – EDGE

      When analyzing vibration we look at two components of the vibration signal, its amplitude and its frequency. • Frequency is the number of times an event occurs in a given time period (the event being one vibration cycle). The frequency at which the vibration occurs indicates the type of fault. That is, certain types of .Symptom of High Vibration Cause Test or Check Correction . 1) eccentric air gap frequency side bands be symmetrical with squirrel cage; change rotor 2) eccentric squirrel cage 2x line frequency a. bearing wear a. directional 120Hz vibration component a. change bearings 120 Hz b. eccentric stator, poor construction b. as in "a" b. line bore stator

      Basic Motor Vibration Troubleshooting Tips | EC&M

      Basic Motor Vibration Troubleshooting Tips. Nov 22nd, 2011. Basics troubleshooting tips for combating motor vibration. Reed Hamm and Bryan Evans. .Condition monitoring: pump vibration, rotor balance, and . Vibration amplification will generally be greater than 2.5-times at a resonant frequency. Vibration/resonance events to be evaluated on pumps include rotor lateral vibration and structural lateral vibration—rather common with long-shafted vertical pumps. .Vibration monitoring of pumps – Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies . Vibration monitoring of pumps, 2008 Proprietary Information Centrifugal pumps – vertically mounted On vertical mounted centrifugal pumps: Two accelerometers should be mounted near the bearing housing, 90 degrees from one another, perpendicular to the shaft rotation An axial measurement in the vertical direction can be made near the pump casing

      Centrifugal Pump Dynamics – Subsynchronous Vibrations

      When the pump experiences vibration frequencies in the order of 0.05-0.4x and the broadband frequencies are unsteady, there could be stalling in the diffuser. cause periodic vibration .Lateral Vibration Analysis, rotordynamics – INERTANCE . All of the motors had excessive 2X line frequency (7200 cpm) vibration amplitudes ranging from 0.2 ips-pk to 0.6 ips-pk. For each of the 24 motors, when one or more of the motor feet were released, the 2X vibration dropped to 0.08 ips-pk or below. .Vibration Analysis Of Vertical Mill Separator . Structural Resonance Problems On Vertical Pumps Pumps. Mechanical resonance is the tendency of a mechanical system to absorb more energy when the frequency of its oscillations external excitation source matches the systems natural frequency of vibration than it does at other frequencies Mechanical resonance may cause violent swaying motions large vibrational displacements and even catastrophic

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