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Applications of Filtration Equipment in Chemical and

Recent studies have shown that the emergence of filtration equipment has benefited not just the pharmaceutical and chemical industries but also many other industries. Recent statistics have it that the global industrial filtration market is expected to rise to an estimated 41 billion dollars by 2026. With the several types of filtration equipment in the market, the choice of equipment by a particular industry will depend on a couple of factors. .Filtration Equipment, Types of Filters – Pharma Engineering . The most suitable equipment's used for this operation were sparkler filter, leaf filter, bag filter, module filter, and sometime we may use candy filter(if the load is low), based on our requirement. Coming to filtration equipment's, most of the times we use it to make our reaction mass particle free i.e., free from foreign particles.

Fully Validated Filters for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Designed and manufactured for robustness, our sterilising grade polymeric filters are fully validated providing retention of >10 7 colony forming units per square centimetre of effective filtration area as recommended by PDA Technical Reports 26 and 40. Our range of metal cartridge filters, cartridge housings and filtration systems are manufactured from a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials and can be surface treated and designed to meet the exacting requirements of the .Filters, Filtration Equipment, Pharmaceutical Machinery . Air Filters : Fine-Filters. Dyna Filters Private Limited. Salient Features – Dyna Filters has achieved the status of a major Indian Air Filters and clean room equipments manufacturer and regular clients include most of the leading pharmaceutical and ele more Visits: 210. Air Filters : Pocket/Bag Type Filter. .Fully Validated Filters for the Pharmaceutical Industry . Packaging sterilisation, including sterile vacuum filtration; Autoclave vent filtration to protect the product from external contamination; Clarification and prefiltration for the removal of solid impurities, undissolved powders and particles, critical to the final quality of the product and to protect equipment further downstream

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